We make Pizza Fritta, the true Pizza of the Gods from Naples, Italy for Events, Festivals & Gatherings

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Naples’ Original Street Food

Since the fourth century, Neapolitans who didn’t have access to expensive ovens to bake their dough would fry it instead, creating ‘Pizza Fritta’, the first ever Pizza and the original street food of Naples, Italy.

Fried + Pizza = FRIZZA!

Pizza Fritta has a cult-like status in Naples, and rightly so, but the real thing is hard to find in the UK. We decided this needed fixing and created ‘Frizza’, Leeds’ first pizza company dedicated to Pizza Fritta. And in case you're wondering, we pronouce it "Freetza" (just like you pronouce "Peetza"!).

Events, Festivals & Gatherings

The Frizza Gazebo tours the country bringing pizza fritta to the people, get in touch if you have an event you think would be a good match. We’re also available for hire at private events and gatherings – get in touch to discuss.

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